IT Security Audit

  • Part: 1310597
  • Model: Otto-Security-Audit


Service will be provided by Otto IT at an agreed time.

Otto's IT Security Audit is a detailed look into your network & security setup, and the potential vulnerabilities that may exist. 

As part of the security audit, Otto will take a detailed look into the following components of your network/setup:

  • Identifying the Global Admin users
  • Identifying any potential risky users
  • Identifying any risky sign-ins from the organisation
  • Detailing any major security vulnerabilities
  • Conducting an in-depth breach analysis
  • Providing a detailed breach analysis
  • A breakdown of any remediation steps performed by Otto

Otto will also provide you with information on your compliance in a number of key areas for security, such as:

  • Multi-Factor Authentication 
  • Office365 Advanced Email Threat Protection 
  • Advanced Endpoint Protection 
  • SaaS SIEM / SOC
  • Internal Vulnerability 
  • NIST Assessment
  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • If the domain environment is centrally managed
  • Patching Policy
  • Wireless Security
  • Website SSL
  • Physical Security
  • Password Policy
  • External Vulnerability
  • Endpoint Management 
  • Any SaaS backups
  • Network SIEM / SOC
  • Risk Based Conditional Access
  • NG Firewall
  • SPAM Policies
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Mobile Device Security
  • Password Management Software
  • Email Signatures

This comprehensive IT Security Audit will give you a full overview of your current state of security, allowing you to make informed decisions when it comes to tightening up your network.